Tico Of The Seven Seas: Episode One – San Francisco Shark

2016-03-22 (4)

The first episode begins in San Francisco where we are introduced to the main cast who are based on their boat the “Peperonchino”. Nanami is introduced as a girl who can withstand being underwater at great depths without any limitations such as needing to surface quickly or use scuba apparatus, she seems to have the ability to stay underwater for long periods of time much like an orca. Nanami lives on the peperonchino with  her father a scientist/marine biologist named Scott alongside his friend the fisherman and boat engineer and submersible driver Al. 

2016-03-22 (5)2016-03-22 (7)Shortly after being introduced to the main cast with the exception of Tico we are then introduced to the main dilemma of this episode: A large great white shark in a busy waterway in a heavily populated area. Attention focuses then to a large leisure boat with a party on board being held for the rich lady Cheryl presumably in an attempt to find her a suitable husband, though Cheryl shows little interest in her companions all three of which accidentally fall over the side of the ship and into the sea much to her delight.

Moments later the recognisable sharp dorsal fin of a great white shark appears a short distance from the men which are then quickly hauled back onboard the boat. The shark then rams the boat leaving it with significant damage to the extent it captures media attention and soon a bounty is placed upon the large shark. Cheryl appears undeterred by her encounter with the large shark and expresses interest in using expensive marine vessels and guns to capture the shark herself, her butler James seems less enthusiastic about the idea.2016-03-22 (8)2016-03-22 (11)

Cheryl soon sets out on a boat with James and a film crew to with the idea of shooting the shark, spotting a dorsal fin in the distance the boat heads towards it. Meanwhile, Nanami has spotted Tico across the harbour and swims eagerly out towards her lifelong companion. Nanami notices a boat racing towards them and shouts out to warn Tico who swiftly evades the gunfire and harpoons from Cheryl’s vessel. Scott and Al hear the sounds of gunfire quickly realising the situation unfolding before them they race towards Cheryl’s vessel using the peperonchino as a barrier between Cheryl, Tico And Nanami. Scott jumps onto the vessel before warning Cheryl to be more observant and less eager to use guns, he then proceeds to get back onboard his own ship to move out of the path of her ship.

2016-03-22 (13)

Tico’s introduction ensues as the boats move apart and Cheryl stares out the large form of the female orca rockets through the water before crashing down a short distance away from the bow of the ship thoroughly soaking Cheryl and James. Tico and Nanami then resurface together with Nanami warning Cheryl to be more observant before racing off back towards the peperonchino.

2016-03-22 (14)2016-03-22 (16)2016-03-22 (17).png

Nanami, Scott, Al And Tico spend the evening chatting whilst Cheryl makes plans to head out in a submarine the next day.

2016-03-22 (18)2016-03-22 (19)2016-03-22 (20)

The next day, Scott decides it’s time to leave San Francisco but as they head out towards the Golden Gate Bridge Nanami notices a strange floatation device which turns out to be a rescue beacon from Cheryl’s submarine below which is currently trapped with Cheryl, James and the film crew inside after an altercation with the shark. Scott puts on his scuba gear as Al jumps into the submarine, Nanami expresses interest in joining them in the rescue but her father insists it would be too dangerous before Al and himself vanish beneath the waves. Nanami calls Tico with her shell whistle.

2016-03-22 (22)2016-03-22 (24)2016-03-22 (25)2016-03-22 (26)2016-03-22 (29)2016-03-22 (31)2016-03-22 (30)2016-03-22 (32)2016-03-22 (33)2016-03-22 (34)2016-03-22 (35)2016-03-22 (36)2016-03-22 (38)

Al quickly locates Cheryl’s submarine but is then attacked by the shark which displaces his submersible within minutes causing Al to pass out with his submarine stuck in a coral bed, Scott uses the time the shark is distracted to attempt to attach a rope to the top of Cheryl’s submarine. The shark then turns it’s attention back to Cheryl’s submarine using it’s bulk to knock it over and conveniently trap Scott’s leg underneath the top of the submarine, as the shark heads off presumably to turn around once again Tico races towards it with Nanami on her back.

2016-03-22 (39)2016-03-22 (40)2016-03-22 (41)

Tico proceeds to ram the shark upon contact causing Nanami to be flung from her back where she decided to grab the rope from Al’s submarine before attempting to attach it to the shark’s head. When this fails Tico appears beside her seemingly offering her a ride only to attach the string to the shark’s rostrum herself allowing the animal to race forward and thus dislodge Al’s submarine from the coral.

2016-03-22 (43)2016-03-22 (42)

The shark momentarily pauses thrashing wildly in an attempt to remove the rope from its head allowing Tico to remove it from the rope before ramming it once more followed by a warning tail slap which naturally sends the shark racing off out of the harbour.

2016-03-22 (44)2016-03-22 (45)

With the danger gone eventually Cheryl’s submersible is saved along with everyone in it allowing them all to return back home but as Cheryl watches Tico, Nanami, Scott and Al head towards the surface she is left with a sense of wonder. This becomes more apparent as the recovering Cheryl watches the day’s events shown on tv alongside her butler James she can’t help but smile the moment Tico appears on the screen.

2016-03-22 (47)2016-03-22 (55)2016-03-22 (56)

As for Nanami and the crew of the peperonchino their true journey takes its first step as Tico grabs their attention just before they leave the harbour, a strange white glowing object is presented to them by the orca which upon closer observation by Scott turns out to be a bone from one of the white whales of legend that Scott has been searching for many years across the ocean for. The family head out of the harbour towards the open sea.

Little are they aware that another scientist has another piece of the glowing whale’s bones which as Tico discovers a piece and presents it to her human companions triggers a reaction in his own specimen that begins to make it glow. Thus is our first meeting with our most significant villain of sorts in the tv show.

2016-03-22 (48)2016-03-22 (49)2016-03-22 (50)2016-03-22 (51)2016-03-22 (52)2016-03-22 (53)

I hope this first entry is to the people who will read this blog’s liking, I thought it best to write out what happens each episode whilst using screenshots to help visualise the episode. I hope to write an episode “review” of sorts once a week so that’ll be 39 weeks!

Thanks for reading everyone, Please feel free to leave comments be it reviews of your own or even telling the story or how you first started watching Tico!



DISCLAIMER: I Don’t Own Tico Of The Seven Seas, It’s Characters Or Any Of It’s Content. I’m Just A Harmless Fan.


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