About This Blog

Hello All!

I Decided To Make This Blog To Catalogue Every Episode Of A Japanese Anime I Watched Many Years Ago – Tico Of The Seven Seas. These Days It’s Hard To Find It Both Online And On DVD On Due To The Fact It Aired In 1994 With 39 Episodes.

I Was Lucky To Have Found It Online When I Did And Discovered It For Sale On eBay In Japanese Several Years Later. Now Owning All 39 Episodes I Want To Create An Episode Guide So Others Who Both Love And Have Interest In The Show Can Know It Episode By Episode As I Do.

Unfortunately, I Must Confess I Have Watched It In Every Language Except My Own So Each Episode Is Reviewed Entirely By Observation.

I Will Place A Disclaimer Now To State To Everyone Including Nippon Animation That I Don’t Own The TV Show Tico Of The Seven Seas Or Any Of The Characters. I’m Just A Fan Of The Show.