Tico Of The Seven Seas: Episode Two – Tico Meets Thomas

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The Second episode starts with “Peperonchino” heading slowly towards it’s next destination with Nanami and Al chatting as they travel on before high-fiving one another seemingly having come to a decision on what to do.

The next scene takes place underwater with the submarine named “Squidball” descending down to the sea bed to the old wooden remains of a ship with Nanami drifting in the water alongside it.

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Scott who remains onboard the ship reading a book begins to chat with Al through the talking system as the squidball submarine ascends with its catch which Al proudly reveals to be a significant quantity of crabs in a large net. Tico joins Nanami as they both surface, the submarine being towed back up onto the Perperonchino with its catch.

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The sound of a police boat siren quickly catches the attention of the group as the boat races towards the Peperonchino, docking alongside the ship the police board swiftly presumably announcing that someone is on their way to the see group. Moments later a pink helicopter dashes over to the two ships to unload its passengers which turn out to be Cheryl and James.

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Cheryl wastes no time once aboard the Peperonchino, with the police officer giving her a tour of the ships various rooms much to the disdain of Cheryl at the lack of refined lifestyle comforts that she’s been accustomed to her entire life. Several times as she explores the ship she finds herself having brief chats with Nanami who presumably finds Cheryl’s disdain for the lack of refined lifestyle to be petty and unrealistic for a life on the sea.

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Presumably, Cheryl announces to Nanami that she has her own plans to join them for life aboard the Peperonchino which leads to Nanami swiftly rushing through to the main deck of the ship to ask her father what is going on. Cheryl soon stumbles into Scott’s science study room before starting to carelessly investigate all the various scientific equipment. However, a painting of a white whale breaching in a stormy sea soon catches the attention of Cheryl who is curious about its significance. Nanami walks into the room and presumably starts to explain her father’s life ambition which is to find the mysterious white whale in person.

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After this discussion, Cheryl returns to the main deck informing the police that there is no issue and they are dismissed to which they quickly respond by leaving Cheryl alone with the group. Scott and Al express confusion as to why she remains onboard their ship to which she once again states that she will now be living with them onboard the Peperonchino. Al looking unimpressed by this announcement uses the ships hooking system for bringing up the Squidball to pick up Cheryl and place her on a nearby island, Cheryl expresses her opinion on this loudly but the ship leaves regardless.

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James arrives in the pink helicopter to rescue Cheryl who remains unimpressed at the rudeness of the crew of the Peperonchino despite her obviously being in the wrong for showing up unannounced and inviting herself to live on their ship. As James and Cheryl discuss what to do next the helicopter waits on the island to be boarded but as Cheryl starts to ponder getting into the helicopter Tico erupts from the water nearby in a side breach only to crash back down displacing a large volume of water onto the helicopter which as a result malfunctions from saltwater leaving the Cheryl and the crew of the helicopter stranded.

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The Scene then moves onto another helicopter landing on a large white ship at another part of the island the crew of the Peperonchino heading  onwards to, we are met once again by the two scientist men from the end of the last episode. However, a new character is introduced as a smartly dressed woman with blonde hair who joins the two scientists onboard the ship as they begin to discuss their own search for the white whale but presumably with a more sinister purpose. The Peperonchino passes the large white ship on its way to port unaware of the people onboard the white large ship.

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Our Attention is then shifted back to Nanami and Al who are travelling around the town with Al currently attempting to sell his crabs to hotels and restaurants in the area but with little success as they are soon chased off by a rather large and intimidating chef after Al becomes frustrated with his lack of success in sales.

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Al and Nanami then try their luck at selling crabs down the main high street which slowly slopes down towards the ocean and is clearly a significant tourist area, Nanami becomes distracted when a woman selling hats places a pretty sun hat upon her head to which Nanami looks at herself in the mirror clearly interested in buying the hat.

2016-03-23 (38)

Al notices Nanami is no longer travelling alongside him but quickly notices her wearing the hat which leads to him making a comment that clearly embarrasses the young Nanami who blushes before giving the hat back. Seconds later a young boy accidentally crashes into Nanami clearly trying to run away from something that is in  pursuit of him.

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Al takes no time is expressing his dislike of the boy being so careless about looking where he is going but within seconds, the young boy looks behind him to see the two adults he has been running from he proceeds to continue running only to slip and land directly in the wheelbarrow of crabs which with his added weight begins to plummet down the street towards the ocean with his two pursuers in tow.

Nanami and Al follow the boy and their wheelbarrow down the steep hill continuing to run until they reach the end of the dock only to be flung into the ocean with Al expressing his frustration as his crabs return to the ocean. 2016-03-23 (43)

The boy’s pursuers refuse to give up the chase and rush towards the group on a small hovercraft with seemingly no escape for the boy. Nanami uses her whistle to signal for Tico to come to their aid but as the boat grows closer it seems like there is no hope, seconds later Tico bursts out of the water with the momentum of her lunge out of the water alarming the pursuers who race off as Tico changes course towards Nanami.

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Tico then carries the group along towards a seemingly secluded cove where Nanami and the others begin to discuss the events of what just happened, the boy announces himself as Thomas.2016-03-23 (48)2016-03-23 (50)2016-03-23 (51)

Thomas announces presumably that he was being chased by the men due to the fact that he has a valuable map that contains information to finding a secret treasure on the island which swiftly catches Al’s attention. Thomas soon rummages through his bag which is filled with multiple childish objects such as a gaming device and playing cards, seeing a folded piece of paper grabs it and states that the map is in his hand showing off the folded piece of paper before hiding it once more as the others get closer. Thomas states that Nanami and Al must keep him safe on his journey home and only then will they receive the treasure map.2016-03-23 (52)

Nanami and Al decide it’s best to head back to the Peperonchino with Thomas, heading along the dock with the boy concealed within the wheelbarrow and with Nanami and Al wearing “disguises” but as they walk closer to their home they notice that Thomas’s pursuers are currently nearby the Peperonchino showing people a photo of Thomas with his father obviously asking if anyone has seen him. 2016-03-23 (55)2016-03-23 (56)2016-03-23 (57)

Nanami and Al decide to head towards the Peperonchino despite Thomas’s pursuers being so close but as they nearly reach home Cheryl appears with James in another helicopter. Unfortunately, the wind created by the helicopter blows away the blanket covering Thomas which allows his pursuers to see him, Thomas once again runs off along with esplanade with Nanami, Al, his pursuers and Cheryl’s helicopter in tow. Thomas gives the bag to Nanami before running off in a separate direction which much to Nanami and Al’s confusion the pursuers don’t follow them but Thomas instead.2016-03-23 (58)2016-03-23 (59)

Cheryl slows her helicopter when Nanami and Al pause to ponder what is happening and the group begin to chat, Thomas, however continued running as his pursuers continue to chase him and shout after him. Thomas finds himself heading towards a scientific base on a pier and continues towards it.2016-03-23 (60)

As Thomas reaches the pier he slips and falls to the ground causing his pursuers to stop and begin talking to him which seems to cause him some distress, Cheryl’s helicopter now carrying Nanami and Al either side races towards the pier as they discuss what to do to save Thomas.2016-03-23 (61)2016-03-23 (62)2016-03-23 (63)2016-03-23 (64)2016-03-23 (65)2016-03-23 (66)

Nanami decides to use her whistle to call Tico as the helicopter lowers towards the surface of the water, Nanami leaps off as Tico surfaces and the two race towards the bridge much to the delight of Thomas and the fear of his pursuers. 2016-03-23 (69)2016-03-23 (71)

Tico bursts from the water only to leap across the bridge with Nanami on her back knocking Thomas’s pursuers off the bridge before starting her own pursuit of them with Nanami scolding the adults for chasing a young boy.2016-03-23 (72)2016-03-23 (73)2016-03-23 (74)

The Next scene then takes place nearby a tourist information booth as Nanami, Al and Thomas speak to one another with Thomas eventually yet reluctantly giving them to paper with the details of the map on it before running off. Al quickly unfolds the paper only to find a drawing of a man and the words “sorry” much to the amusement of Nanami, with today’s adventure finished they head back to the Peperonchino. 2016-03-23 (75)2016-03-23 (76)2016-03-23 (77)2016-03-23 (78)

Nanami and Al return to the Peperonchino to find Scott fast asleep but there are two new members on board James the butler and of course Cheryl, Scott soon wakes up and the group head downstairs to find Cheryl making space in someone’s room for a room of her own. Cheryl makes it clear that James and Herself are now staying on the boat with the others, after much laughter from Scott the episode ends.2016-03-23 (79)2016-03-23 (80)2016-03-23

Hope Everyone enjoyed the second episode and once again I apologise for taking so long to make this next episode review and I hope to do another next week!

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